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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Music Since 1960: Rzewski: The People United Will Never be Defeated 

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Forty years of modern composition and what this music means to me.

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Thema: With Determination I'll admit it. This has been a tricky piece for me to tackle. It made the list because I needed something for 1975 and this seemed right at the time. Truth be told, I've hardly (knowingly, although it's not uncommon to hear snippets here and there) listened to it since I was an undergraduate, so what follows is something of a reorganised, hyperlinked investigation of my own, a collection of things on and around Rzewski and his piece, redistributed to mirror the form of the piece itself. Hope it's useful.

Variation 1: Weaving; Delicate But Firm
Variation 2: With Firmness
Variation 3: Slightly Slower, With Expressive Nuances
Variation 4: Marcato
Variation 5: Dreamlike, Frozen
Variation 6: Same Tempo As Beginning
Variation 7: Tempo (Lightly, Impatiently)
Variation 8: With Agility; Not Too Much Pedal; Crisp
Variation 9: Evenly
Variation 10: Comodo, Recklessly
Variation 11: Tempo I. Like Fragments Of An Absent Melody - In Strict Time
Variation 12
Variation 13: Tempo = 72
Variation 14: A Bit Faster, Optimistically
Variation 15: Flexible, Like An Improvisation
Variation 16: Same Tempo As Preceding, With Fuctuations; Much Pedal
Variation 17: LH Strictly – RH Freely, Roughly As In Space
Variation 18
Variation 19: With Energy
Variation 20: Crisp, Precise
Variation 21: Relentless, Uncompromising
Variation 22
Variation 23: As Fast As Possible With Some Rubato
Variation 24
Variation 25: With Tempo Fluctuations
Variation 26: In A Militant Manner
Variation 27: Tenderly, And With A Hopeful Expression
Variation 28
Variation 29
Variation 30
Variation 31
Variation 32
Variation 33
Variation 34
Variation 35
Variation 36
Cadenza (Optional Improvisation)
Thema: Tempo I So there you go. 36 variations, 36 links, plus one recommended recording. Enjoy exploring!

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