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Saturday, April 01, 2006

*****New location***** 

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The Rambler has moved! This page is no longer live, please go here for the all-live, new improved Rambler. Thanks!!!

Yes, after a brief canvassing of opinion I've made the leap to Wordpress. The address for the new site is as close as I could make it - drop the hyphen, and replace wordpress for blogspot: johnsonsrambler.wordpress.com. Please update your bookmarks, subscriptions, etc. (new RSS feed is here).

The new site isn't perfect yet - I've not bothered to categorise all 800+ posts I've written over the last 2 and a half years with Blogger, and I haven't even begun to redirect all the links that point between posts (will I even bother...?) But I'm happy with the move. My only niggle is that Wordpress's free service doesn't allow template editing at all, but at least the presets are nice enough (but goodbye to this chunky home-made template). Amongst the many pluses however are W3C compliancy with all the proprietary code (cf Blogger's naughty search bar), categories, and comment RSS. In addition, the interface has so far proved hugely superior - quicker, more flexible, more intuitive, less heart in mouth 'oh my God what if Blogger crashes and loses my post'.

So that's that. Eternal thanks to the 76,500 readers and googlers who have passed through here since I started in August 04. See you at the new place - who's up for a housewarming?

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