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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Links for the week 

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Selling classical on the web, according to the Guardian, the Scotsman (points for mentioning contemporary music) and the New York Times.

Apple getting hit on two fronts at the moment - The Beatles and the French.

Blog I've only just come to, at the end of its run: John Cageblog, blogged reviews of every single recorded work by JC. No seriously, this is almost up there with the famous Alan W. Pollack's Notes on... series of Beatles analyses as a superb work of web-based obsessive compulsiveness. Bookmark it!

Blog I've only just come to, but seems to be very much in full swing: Planet Hugill, by the London-based composer and singer Robert Hugill. Check out his breakdown of the new Covent Garden season.

Nonpop podcasts! Put together by Scott Unrein these started up at the beginning of March and are broadcast on a bi-weekly basis. Just over half an hour long they each contain three or four pieces of nonpop from the likes of Chas Smith, John Cage and the KLF. The all-important RSS feed is here.

Oh, and you want a laugh, don't you? Of course you do!

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