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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chadwick Jenkins: Variations on a Theme 

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PopMatters isn't a site I visit all that often, so I was unaware that since November last year they have run a regular classical music column, Variations on a Theme, written by Chadwick Jenkins. The first article was the perhaps obligatory manifesto on Why Classical Matters, particularly 'why it matters to regular PopMatters readers'. While I don't agree with Jenkins' historicist approach in this article, it's a tool that he uses for all the right reasons (there are plenty of wrong ones) and he makes a good case.

But what pulled Jenkins' column onto my radar was a link from Avant Music News. It's the first installment in a 'sub-column' called The Sounds of Now, in which the writer pitches contemporary music, one composer at a time, an idea I can only applaud. Jenkins is clearly a man who appreciates a challenge; his first article in this series is on Brian Ferneyhough, on whom he writes with all the necessary conviction. If you're not convinced yourself you should probably try here.

Future columns are promised on Meredith Monk and Tristan Murail; I'm looking forward to them.

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