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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Soundscapes conference, Goldsmiths 

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Heads up, soundscape fans: next weekend (11th and 12th Feb) Goldmsiths College are hosting Sound Practice 2006, a conference on Some details are here, the full conference programme is below, and includes soundscape installations around the college. The whole thing is free:
Saturday, 11th February
9.30am [Small Hall]
John Levack Drever (Goldsmiths College)
Introduction: UK's Pre-History of Acoustic Ecology

10.00am [Small Hall]
Key Note 1.
Catharina Dyrssen (Chalmers School of Architecture, Göteborg, Sweden)
Model-to-model. On Design Based Experimentation With Sound Environments.

Coffee Break

11.00am [Small Hall]
Developing Policy Context And Potential Futures
Max Dixon (Greater London Authority)

Ximena Alarcón (De Montfort University)
An Interactive Sonic Environment Based On Commuters' Memory Of Soundscape:
A Case Study Of The London Underground (work in progress)

Tsai-wei Chen (Goldsmiths College)
On the Way Home: Taipei Sojourners' Sonic Constellations in London

Peter Cusack (London College of Communication)
Soundscapes of London, Beijing and Places Between

12.45pm - 1.30pm

1.30pm [Great Hall]
Phonography Concert
Yannick Dauby, Nick Fells, Pete Stollery, Bill Thompson, Lisa Whistlecroft,
Robert Worby & Philp Tagney

3.00pm [Recital Hall]
Julian Henriques (Goldsmiths College), Nick Gillieron (Paul Gillieron
Acoustics), Martyn Ware (Illustriuous)
The Sonic Space Ship (SSS)
4.00pm [Small Hall]
Louise K Wilson (University of Derby)
A Record of Fear: Sounding Out the Cold War

Dr Paul Moore (University of Ulster)
Cross (refernc)ing the Namib

Tony Whitehead (RSPB), Becca Lawrence (Sonic Arts Network)
Sonic Postcards: A Sonic Arts Network National Education Programme Using
Our Sonic Environment As A Springboard For Creative Arts

Simon Keep
Radio Taxi

5.45pm - 6.30pm [Small Hall]
Key Note 2.
Nicolas Rémy (CRESSON: Centre de Recherche sur l'Espace Sonore et
l'Environnement Urbain, École d'Architecture de Grenoble, France)
To Design Ambiences

Concert [Great Hall]
Donald Bousted, Disinformation, John Levack Drever, Rob Godman, John Lely

Installations during Saturday [Locations tbc]
Thanos Chrysakis (Goldsmiths College)
Thomas Kitazawa (Goldsmiths College)
Robin McGinley (Interactive Agents)
Neil Webb

Sunday 12th February
Sound Walk of Deptford.
[Meet by front of the Goldsmiths College Library. We will finish near at a
local establishment for those who may be interested in a hot breakfast.]

9.30am [Small Hall]
Andre Castro (Middlesex University)
Suite Vénitienne- Tuesday

Mikhail Karikis (Slade School of Fine Art)
The Acoustics of the Self

Tom Rice (Goldsmiths College)
Stethoscapes: Soundscapes Of The Body

Coffee Break

11.30am [Small Hall]
Ruth Hawkins (Goldsmiths College)
Bodies, Distances, Double Recordings

Adrian Newton
Finding An Audience For Soundscape Composition: Working With Community-Based

Anita McKeown (Art Services Un-incorporated)
Memphis 45s


2pm [Small Hall]
Joe Banks
Rorschach Audio

Concluding Remarks & Discussion for UKISC members. [Small Hall]

Installations during Sunday [Locations tbc]
James Bull (Goldsmiths College)
Thomas Kitazawa (Goldsmiths College)
Dave Lawrence (Middlesex University) & GÈNIA (Markson Music Centre)
Mary Yacoob (Central St Martins College of Art)

Useful Information
All events are free!
Closest Underground Station is New Cross Gate or New Cross.

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