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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Links for the week 

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Indie music web portal Brainwashed have published a call for the dismantling of the RIAA.

This poorly-researched, innuendo-ridden piece on pirate radio in Friday's Guardian has rightly annoyed the Dissensus crew; Blackdown's Pitchfork interview with the Rinse management is a valuable counter.

Roots People Music has a two part interview with Kode 9.

Canoe Jam has a one part interview with Philip Glass.

Andante sort of looks like it's back - well, as a static site at least (thanks Felsenmusick for the spot).

Ostalgie fans should head over to WFMU's big bloc of East German mp3s and vids.

WFMU also point up an Sony ad, first noticed in the NY Times looking for unpaid interns to fill MySpace, blogs and other social networking sites with plugs for Sony CDs. In no way is this spam. Oh, and the ad is no longer there, so prospective applicants will have to dirty their hands elsewhere...

And everyone agrees that this sucks.

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