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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Links for the week 

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Some of these are pretty cool.

Dorian Lynskey's Tube-Map-as-Music-History [pdf of the whole thing]

I disagree with Matt, though, on The Great Bear (if I read him right) - one of the most appealing things about that is figuring out if there isn't some mad meaning behind the interchanges. Rhizomes, eh?

The Independent, fittingly, ran a recent special on independent music (more links from that page); all a little predictable, unfortunately, but this article on the UK's thriving urban scene is a nice addition, and a timely counterpoint to this confused bumbling.

Oh, and indie labels rule.

Mmm - Sonic Youth are to continue their re-releasing binge with Sonic Youth, The Whitey Album and Thurston's Psychic Hearts. Goody - I can get a nice replacement for Whitey since my LP got scratched in my parents' loft.

eMusic sales are to be included in the chart reckonings.

Blackdown has a spanking new Dizzee interview, including a likkle taster for the new album.

This is a really excellent New York Times article on classical music and the net, prompted by the recent demise of Andante. Alex Ross has some additional comment. (And if that NYT piece was a new theme of sorts, here's this week's ground bass.)

And finally, Matmos are cool. Believe.

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