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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Links for the week 

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Pazz and Jop 2005 is out, of course. Plenty of comment through the link.

The Guardian on the BBC's Classical Grime project;

The Independent on Kano;

Ivan Hewett in the Telegraph sees in Iran's recent ban on Western music vindication for the view (which I share) that music is a very real, concrete influence on how people live their lives. "Part of me has a sneaking respect for a world-view which gives music such massive importance. Sometimes it can seem as if our freedoms merely bring on a satiated feeling, and make music just another pastime."

Greg Sandow eulogises over the Northern Sinfonia. Fair enough - the Sage is a world-class building, if surprisingly compact inside; it does house the country's only ten-sided performance space too. And the Northern Sinfonia is a top-notch band with a refreshingly open-minded approach to programming; my parents, in Carlisle, see about as much new music as I do thanks to the NS. Their only gripe is that now that the Sage has taken over all of the Newcastle-Gateshead's musical life, the Sinfonia hardly seem to tour the North as much as they did; and they certainly don't advertise it too well.

Oooh, who remembers Nirvana miming 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on Top of the Pops? I do. And WFMU (and others) are hosting a 28MB mpeg of the whole thing. I also remember the band smashing their instruments in the background while a hapless presenter went on and introduced the next act, regardless of the mayhem unfolding behind them. (Sadly, this bit's not on the video, although there is a stage invasion.)

Here's an article on Frank Zappa's yet to be released Varese recordings [via Avant Music News]

And finally, some great thoughts from Alex Ross on the recent Mozart demi-quintennial. Damn right.

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