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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Corey Dargel and the Artsongwriters 

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Spotted by Kyle, there's an excellent article by Corey Dargel on the current generation of nonpop singer-songwriters - or 'artsongwriters' as Dargel calls them - who are "moving away from the operatic influences that have too heavily affected the development of traditional art song". Dargel himself is a prime practitioner - samples of his work are here and here.

Which gives me ample premise to tell you that if you do nothing else today download 'Superhero on the Ground' and treasure it close; this song has been haunting me for days and is the most heart-aching thing I've heard all year. And if you're already bored of Brokeback Mountain, 'Gay Cowboys' is a very good alternative.

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