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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Classical music mp3 blogs 

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hills | flickr | 20th February, 2006

Finding the classical mp3 blogs so you don't have to.

I've pulled some of these names from the (surely exhaustive?) list at Hype Machine, and I can't say I've checked every link there - only the ones that look plausible. So if you run a classical mp3 blog called 'Nu Metal is Rad' and haven't linked you, please pardon me not spotting your ironic tone, and drop me a line. I'll see that you get your link.

First up, you all know cacophonous and Trrill - if you don't, you should - so they're a good place to start. Trrill is a great source for all you opera diva needs, Cacophonous for independent new music composers. I can't be sure there's not any overlap. (Incidentally, Cacophonous is also a great place to start looking for individual composer mp3 blogs.)

ANABlog is the unofficial blog of the Analog Arts Ensemble, and recent posts include Webern, Tippett, Maderna, and Lutosławski's Les espaces du sommeil, which is alright by me,

Electric Strings is a relatively new blog by cellist and composer Philip Sheppard which includes a few mp3s of his music.

Dave Seidel is a 'droney, ambient' composer who has a sideblog, mysterybear productions where he posts his new works.

No doubt there are more than this, and more will emerge. So assume that this post is a work in progress...

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