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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Universal announce deleted music MP3 store 

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This is an interesting development: Universal are to exhume 100,000 deleted tracks from their archive to sell online.

First thoughts:

100,000 tracks doesn't sound like a very big back catalogue (iTunes has a million, and hardly any of them are what you want).

But, this is a good thing in principle - UMG have finally clued up that people still want to buy the old stuff.

Money quote: Barney Wragg, senior vice president of Universal's eLabs division. "At the moment, if people pay large amounts of money to buy this music secondhand none of that is going back to the artist." I wondered when they were going to try to screw the faithful crate digger. Thing is, he doesn't want an invisible, inferior quality, over-priced, DRM'd lump of code. He wants the record. Is UMG's long tail going to be as long as they think?

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