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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Links for the week 

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Gerard McBurney writes in the Guardian on Shostakovich's continuing ability to divide the critics.

Avant-garde/free jazz freakout fans take note: Ubuweb have posted mp3s of the long out-of-print John Cage meets Sun Ra album [thanks Free Albums Galore and Avant Music News for the notice]. In fact, WFMU have a complete run-down of recent Ubu additions.

And if City of Sound's post on digital music was last week's 'read later when you get some time' article, Kyle Gann's new analysis of Mikel Rouse's Quick Thrust is this week's. Ah, that mythical Sunday afternoon when I have time and energy to catch up on my reading...

Meanwhile, I can at least catch up on my listening: just before Christmas Kid Kameleon posted a mix-survey of 12 years of drum and bass. Coming a little late to this, but I'm here to tell you it's a junglist corker.

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