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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Links for the week 

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Some of these are held over from Christmas/New Year period, so bear with:

Andreas Scholl - too cool for school. At least judging by the contents of his iPod. (Although, can we now draw a line under this 'half-arsed analysis of public figures via free commercial advertising' please? Oh, apparently not.)

All crew should check out last night's Breezeblock show via BBC Radio 1's Listen again. This one'll be on the minidisc for weeks to come.

Elliot Carter's weekend on the South Bank starts on Friday - as a result, there have been a couple of nice interviews with him in the recent press: here's the Guardian; here's the Telegraph.

And in anticipation of some London performances of Osvaldo Golijov at the end of the month - 'first great new composer of the century', apparently (like Ride were the 'first great new band of the 90s' back in the day) - the Guardian has an interview with the man.

Here's an excellent-looking article on music and the role of digital technology. I confess I've not read it all yet, but it comes highly recommended from Jonathan, and that's good enough for me.

Tongue appropriately in cheek, Alex Ross has compiled an all-time ranking of musicians, according to Google hits. Nuff respect to Beethoven, who nearly matches Britney Spears, but without the advantage of cropping up all over the web's seedier avenues...

And finally, this is really the end of an era: Tom Ewing has called time on New York London Paris Munich, one of the original - and still best - pop music blogs. Much, much respect.

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