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Friday, November 18, 2005

New music on a shoestring: November 

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Frankly peeps it's far too cold to go out for anything less than a great bargain at the moment. I love my radiators too much and have a stack of DVDs to catch up on, so I'm not getting up to much this month - but you could do worse than head along, with gloves and hat, to some of the following. You'll still have plenty of change left for Christmas shopping:

Tonight! Impressively-haired, media favourite jazz drummer Seb Rochford and electronica bods Leafcutter John and Martin Morales are playing for free - for free, I tell you - at the Hayward Gallery tonight, 6.30-11pm in the foyer.

Other than that, I've been a bit slow this month so missed a bunch of things, but you can still see:

Very young composers at St Lukes, 161 Old Street in the LSO's Sound Inventors Series tomorrow evening, 7.30pm. From the website:
This concert showcases the best of the next generation of composers. The music has been selected from over 1,000 young composers who have participated in the award-winning young composer initiative Sound Inventors. Featuring new music for an ensemble of 14 musicians conducted by Scottish composer and Sound Inventors Creative Director Alasdair Nicolson.
That one's free too.

If you're in Portsmouth on Sunday, catch the Maritime Brass Quintet at St John's Cathedral, Edinburgh Road, playing works by Andrew McBirnie, Judith Bailey, Michael Dawney, David Penri-Evans and Philip Drew. This one's 5 pounds, it starts at 8pm, call 023 9283 0995 for details.

Monday sees the second of the Philharmonia's Music of Today series, featuring three works by the young Japanese composer Toshio Hosowaka. The conductor is the not curly-haired Diego Masson, who you might have seen doing Xenakis last month. As ever, this is a free event by the Philharmonia, and one of my favourite little corners of the London music scene. 6pm, Queen Elizabeth Hall (smaller than the Festival Hall, so it doesn't feel quite as subversive, and you will probably have to sit next to someone, but we're stuck with it until the building work on the RFH is finished).

And if that's not enough free new music for you, next Wednesday you should poke your ears into the RAM, where Lisa Moore, piano, and friends will play four works by Martin Bresnick, and two of Ligeti's piano Etudes - 'Fanfares', and the dripping, glutinous 'Automne à Varsovie'. Details here if you scroll down to 'Mainly New' on the 23rd November.

That'll do you for the week.

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