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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Links for the week 

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Sony are facing at least three lawsuits over their dodgy DRM system;

The Independent talks to Kano and Wiley looking for another angle on the 'why isn't Grime huge yet' question;

Alex Ross writes on Scelsi - plus behind-the-scenes material at the blog;

the always-excellent Kid Kameleon has a new mix at riddim method - a Peter K tribute special;

WFMU links to this great nostalgia site - pictures of apparently every make and model of blank cassette made in the last, oh, ages. You will, like me, squawk "I had that one!" at your monitor at least five times. Bonus points if you can remember what you had recorded on them.

And last and least, look away now if you don't want to read the worst music/internet article ever. (N.B. When I first read this yesterday, all the links to pitchforkmedia.com originally pointed to indie farmyard equipment retailers pitchfork.com. Oh, the hilarity!)

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