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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A small mystery solved 

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So there I was wondering about the sudden leap in my hits over the last couple of weeks. According to sitemeter, they're mostly from people searching MSN and Google for 'Rambler'. I always get a background of these hits in any case - www.rambler.ru is a big Russian hubsite of some sort - but why so many all of a sudden?

Well, mystery solved. I went to see the very good, if flawed, Nightwatch (think Milton in Moscow with a badly fluffed subplot), and sure enough, said Russian hubsite gets a hefty, plot-significant, plug. (Many other brands, needless to say, get a heftier, much less significant, ones.) So, Googlers - if you're searching for Rambler.ru, it's here. The clue's in the name ;-) I can't help you with searching for Others, though.

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