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Monday, September 19, 2005

Links for the week 

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Interesting links I've been clicking recently:

Ghetto fabulous

Observer article on Baile Funk

Woozy head music

Dave Stelfox on DJ Screw in the Telegraph

Classic albums given thumbs down in 'overrated list'

News of a BBC 6 Music poll to find the most overrated album of all time. Hmm - only read the submitted user comments if you fancy shouting at people who are apparently already deaf...

Reconstructing the Universe: A new recording puts Johnny Reinhard's reconstituted Ives score to the test

Kyle Gann writes on a new version of Charles Ives' Universe Symphony

A woman of no impotence

Interview with Kim Gordon

NewMusicBox article on the end of the road for Kalvos and Damian

One of the great new music websites and radio stations comes to a close

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