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Friday, September 09, 2005

Astrodome Radio Station Blocked 

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This story from Wired (via WFMU) on the opposition to a low-power FM radio station to provide regular information to those in the New Orleans Astrodome is basically another addition to the pile of belief-beggaring cock-ups in Louisiana, but it's particularly jaw-dropping for revealing the priorities of the emergency relief authorities. Food? Shelter? Medicine? All in good time, but there's no way in hell we're gonna let you listen to any of that nasty rap music:
According to KAMP, Rita Obey, a local official from Harris County Public Health Services, gave them a laundry list of prerequisites. The most notable of these was the command to procure 10,000 personal, battery-powered radios -- and batteries.

"She said she was afraid of 'people fighting over the radios,'" said Liz Surley, a KAMP volunteer. "She made us promise not to play any rap music, because she thought it might incite some of the evacuees to violence."
That one's for Jay.

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