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Monday, August 22, 2005

Robert Moog 

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I was sad to hear on the radio this morning that Robert Moog has died after being diagnosed in April with brain cancer. As well as giving his name to one of the most popular and durable of all 20th-century instruments, the Moog synthesiser, more significantly he introduced commercial, portable synthesisers to the world, and thus kick started a revolution in popular music from which the world has not yet looked back.

As J Smooth asks, "How many people ever contributed more to music, especially funky music?"

Tribute of the day comes courtesy of Disquiet, who link to a collection of 19 MP3s kept at the University of Iowa, archiving a 1979 demonstration of the Moog synth's capabilities.

I think the time is right to listen to a fav track by one of my all time favourite bands, 'Moogie Wonderland'.

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