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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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Oh, and a final postscript to the already-stale piano man story: apparently he was just a sad attention seeker.
He was not popular with his classmates and appears to have compensated by becoming an attention seeker. Articles and letters published in the school magazine, Chamäleon, attest to his obsession with notoriety.

He reported every triumph, no matter how small. "On December 6 my voice was heard for approximately 20 seconds on the Czech radio station Cesky Rozhlas 7," he boasted in one edition.
He was even jealous of the 'effortless fame' of Big Brother inhousemates.
It's suddenly the fashion to shove people inside a container, pull them out one after the other and then turn them into pop stars for a week.
Seems we were all duped. See also.

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