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Monday, August 08, 2005

Links for the week 

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In the trough this week:

Roll On, Beethoven
Article in today's Independent about the impact of the BBC offering all Beethoven symphonies for free download.

Beyond the grave: Dudley's career is rehabilitated at last
News of a new play telling the Beyond the Fringe story from Dud's side. Glad to hear it! Take a poll of the best and most memorable Not Only But Also sketches - most of them are Dud's babies; I've always maintained that for all Peter Cook's brilliance, it was Dud who was able to make any audience laugh, from sophisticated urbanite to playground schoolboy.

Carnival of Music #10
solitude.in.music hosts this week.

New Music Box: Music Like Water
Essay by Gerd Leonhard on the theory of music-as-utility.

Music for Maniacs on an eccentric spamming composer.

Grime pays
Guardian interview with Lady Sovereign

Stockhausen to play concert in London

Is it really four years since he was here? He's gonna be playing Kontakte, as well as Oktophonie, from Dienstag, so well worth a look. See Frieze Art Fair for booking details (GBP35! Yikes!). Also see BBC news for further info.

the nonist: blog depression advice

Pamphlet on what to do if you get blog depression. Very funny.

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