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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Links for the week 

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Interesting links I've been clicking recently:

Shards, Fragments and Totems: Tense Nervous House Music
Paul Meme on the Disco/House/Paganism crossroads.

be.jazz: Jazz and blogs: a sad case of mutual neglect
Mwanji links a whole bunch of jazz blogs - and laments that there aren't more of them.

New live music rules could halve number of gigs
This whole licensing legislation confuses me, and seems I'm not the only one - to the possible tune of hundreds of live venues.

Now That's What I Call Indie Covers! volume 1
An album's worth of indie cover versions available for download.

Boot Camp
Beginners' course in making bootlegs and mash-ups.

Musical Perceptions: Carnival of Music #9
Scott Spiegelberg hosts this week.

The Standing Room: TSR Wears 2 Dork Hats Simultaneously
Is this the greatest and/or cheesiest ringtone ever?

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