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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


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Thanks to a pointer from Disquiet, I'm hugely enjoying the recent Tigrics release Mint Egy Befejezono. Tigrics is the Budapest-based Robert Bereznyei, and the mini-album Mint Egy Befejezono has been given a free web release on Highpoint Lowlife Records, so there's no reason not to grab a copy. The music itself is of the post-glitch/ambient type so enamoured of The Wire in recent years, but both warmer and less compromising than a lot of what crops up on their freebie CDs. The rhythmic layers are thick, and the sound sources are rich - few ultra-filtered clicks and pops here. Sometimes the tracks are part Aphex, part Underworld, part Kid 606 ('Hé, jelfej!'); sometimes in Max Tundra/Telefon Tel Aviv territory ('Ebek1.30 (Megvágtam mix)'); and on the 11 minutes of 'Kossuth Lajos utca mix 29' part everything you can imagine, from glitchy hip hop to noise to minimalism. It's a great little record, full of generous detail.

And if you like that, I'd recommend trying out more of Highpoint Lowlife's catalogue: a lot of things are available on web release, or single track samples.

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