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Friday, July 29, 2005

Notice of changes 

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Just a post to draw attention to some tweaks and changes round here. These are mostly to do with the fact that I'm finding myself more and more wanting just to write quick posts to draw attention to something good that I've read, but which don't need much extra comment from me. Up to now, these have usually ended up in the 'Topics of the Day' box which has sat in the sidebar for some time. However, this is regularly clogged up with the obituary notices that I collect. Plus, I'm not sure how much value people get from referrals, Google rank, Technorati etc. when things are linked to via third party software, and half the point of linking posts and articles I like is to spread a bit of the link love... I also quite like reading posts that are a collection of links tied together by nothing more than the random path of a blogger round the net that week, so I've decided to move most of the stuff that was ending up in 'Topics of the Day' back onto the main page, as roughly weekly linkdumps, and to just keep the obituaries in the side bar as a sort of musicians deathwatch. Thanks to the good people at Feed Digest, I've also included one-line summaries of what the recently departed did.

So, some interesting links I've been clicking recently:

Online file sharers 'buy more music'
No kidding.

The LLama Butchers: Carnival of Music #8
This is becoming a regular thing now - and good. Might even opt to host one of these meself soon...

Myron Floren: obituary

Accordionist. Sad to hear about this: I only know about him via his appearance on Ubuweb's 365 days project, which featured his unique disco polka sounds. (I would post a more precise link than this, but Ubu's down for the summer.)

dj BC presents Glassbreaks

Philip Glass vs Hiphop: Glass gets the hiphop mashup treatment. I quite like this one - better than the Beastles thing of a few months back, and Glass's instrumentals works surprisingly smoothly.

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