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Friday, July 01, 2005

My Live 8 Post 

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One way or another the whole Live 8 thing leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, doesn't it? I was only eight for the original Live Aid, but the papers then surely weren't awash with the stories on the predicted disasters, discrimination, colonial smugness and cynicism of the whole thing, or lengthy opinion pieces every day on why Live 8 is a completely misguided adventure?

St Bob is certainly losing the run of himself, regularly swearing at us from the front pages, and calling for a spontaneous million-man bundle on Edinburgh, when the good people of Make Poverty History have been carefully planning organised protests for months. The lineups are unimaginative, overwhelmingly old (or wannabe old), white, and apparently chosen on sales figures (although Geldof himself fancies a go himself despite not charting for more than 20 years). I don't know; I fully support the goals of Make Poverty History, but I can't help feeling that Elton John and a reformed Pink Floyd are no longer the way to help Africa, and that the whole event is being willed into damp squibness by the press as Geldof lurches further and further into wild-eyed lunacy.

And we call the 1980s cynical.

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