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Monday, July 04, 2005

Monday linkage 

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Lots of work time spent surfing today; here are some extracted fruits of my labours:

Probably well-known to David Tudor fans already (and if not, why not?), the J. Paul Getty Research Institute site on him is magnificent. Highlights include video excerpts of Tudor's electroacoustic installations, including Rainforest IV. ... A. W. Pollack's Notes on ... series of analyses of the complete (212 songs and covers) Beatles output is already well-known, but still worth a link. soundscapes.info has the most nicely presented version of these, with additional front-end indexes and articles. If you haven't read these things yet, they are a monumental piece of work. ... In honour of last month's Radio 3 shenanigans, here's an entire Playford manuscript Catch book photographed for posterity. ... And if you thought this guy was a rockin' fretboard innovator, you need to see this bit of weird, made in 1690 by Alexandre Voboam.

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