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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Londonist: Free Ludwig!!! 

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I've somehow completely missed the, ahem, furore, over the BBC offering everyone the opportunity to own some of the Single Greatest Achievements of Human Creativity (alright, the pop SGAHCs - we all know that String Quartets are the real bomb), and yeah, there are copyright issues here, because although Beethoven's estate expired about 100 years ago, orchestral musicians of all people need feeding properly. Still, that doesn't get you round the poor judgement of a music industry desperate to revive a rapidly dwindling sector (classical) then ringfencing some of their greatest assets... As Londonist music columnist Greg opines:
Could we please spend more energy on actually convincing people that classical music can matter, based on the vitality, energy, meaningfulness, and surprise in the music -- both on records and in the concert hall -- rather than arguing about a stunt that assumed the greatness of Beethoven a priori, and whose quote-success-unquote was predetermined by human nature?
Thanks to Rob for the pointer. Also, thanks to beepSNORT for linking the Independent story in the first place. In the same post, he has some good points to make citing Bach as the first mashup artist, and a link to DJ Earworm's Stairway to Bootleg Heaven, which is worth a listen if you've not heard it already.

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