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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


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Shout out to Fac-similé, who have just opened their web doors for the first time. Fac-similé is a site that collects links to online score reproductions (works out of copyright only of course; or at least while that still means something), and currently lists around 420 pieces by composers from Agostino Agazzari to Adrien Willaert. As explained in their FAQs, Fac-similé is not intended as a replacement for the long-established Werner Icking Music Archive; rather it is a way to find scores that you might be looking for. Certainly, on an initial spin round the site, it is laid out less intimidatingly than the WIMA, which will probably help many people find what they're after. And, since it is a catalogue of links, and not a hosting service itself, many of the items listed at Fac-simile are held in the WIMA in any case; so a more manageable front-end does not necessarily come with a loss in number of scores. Worth a browse in any case. More info via the Fac-simile.org blog.

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