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Monday, June 27, 2005

Some more blogs to look out for 

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The concert music blogosphere continues to grow; time, then, for a few shout-outs.

A Piece of Monologue by SimonT belongs to the Blogs on stage collection of theatre-ish blogs. Simon posts frequently on a variety of opera, theatre and concert performances - mostly in London.

Two Ears declares itself "One commoner's attempts to get to grips with the high art of classical music", written by Neil in Glasgow. Neil gets bonus points for his Messiaen enthusiasm ;-)

I Am Sitting in a Room, by Jason Hibbard, has been linking to me for ages but I don't think I've yet returned the favour, so here I belatedly am.

The Emerald Orpheus covers the Seattle classical scene, focusing on Early and Baroque music concerts; its writer Richard admits he's "not naturally drawn" to 20th-century music, so I'm glad he finds something here.

Well-Tempered Blog is a rich source of regular linkage - particularly for piano-related webbery.

Jeremy Denk is a pianist, Geraldine McGreevy a soprano, as is Anne-Carolyn... In fact there are more performer blogs than I can possibly keep up with; check this this post on Anne-Carolyn's The Concert for further routes into the network.

That'll do for now...

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