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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Now, Now We Are Met... 

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...and Humours Agree.

It is hereby announced that an extremely rare opportunity to hear your host singing* is staggering its way onto a radio near you. Yes, those wise people at Radio 3 have seen fit to broadcast an hour of live drinking and filthy jokes masquerading as a programme about catches and glees, featuring prominent contributions from the Merrie Fellowes Catch Club. This is run by a very good friend of mine and includes quite a few London cathdral singers. Needless to say, I am one of its least distinguished members. We get together about every 6 months, hire a room at the George Inn on Borough High Street and sing 17th century drinking songs over beers and a table of fine cheese. I can only apologise if you've ever been unfortunate enough to come looking for a quiet Sunday evening pint in Borough and run into us, as it is not a pretty sound.

The programme - which also features songs by far less amateurish groups than us - is on this Saturday at 1pm, Radio 3, and will be on Listen Again via Radio 3's homepage for a week after that.

*in the loosest possible definition.

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