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Friday, June 17, 2005

British Postgraduate Musicology: Volume 7 

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It's been announced to most of the musicology mailing lists, but I'll announce it here too - volume 7 of British Postgraduate Musicology is, finally, online. That's the first complete issue of anything I've edited, and although very satisfying in the end, I wasn't prepared for how frustrating a process it could be. But, it's done, and Done is Good after all. Contents are:

Me: Editorial
Yifat Fellner Simpson: The popular herculana in sixteenth-century Venetian text and music
Graham Griffiths: Fingering as compositional process: Stravinsky's Sonata sketchbook revisited
Kenneth Smith: Erotic Discourse in Scriabin's Fourth Sonata
Carla Whalen: Abject Tonality in Twelve-Tone Music

Details about BPM may be found here.

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