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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Summer Burn 2005 

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Woohoo! It's nearly Summer Burn time!

Doesn't seem right what with it being all cold and cloudy at the moment, but I'm dead excited about this. I've sort of put together my trax already 'cos there was some sun the other day and I got all over-excited about summer tunes, but I'm listening to it now and there are too many glitchy (not in a good way) tracks that stop or start in the wrong place. That kind of sloppiness might be OK on your own BBQ tape playing for your mates, but it's no good for a stick-your-taste-on-the-line exercise like SB. So no Piracy Funds Terrorism tracks here, and not the UNKLE Dr Who refix that I dug up on the net the other day. Shame.

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