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Monday, May 09, 2005


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I swear, I was toying with the idea of a post on online mixes, and then I see that Jess Harvell has already gone and Pitchforked a good piece already. Dang.

The story of my year's listening is going to be dominated by MP3 mixes. Right now, I'm particularly enjoying Kid Kameleon's Mashers Without Borders mix for Mashit, a much more laid-back, dubbier mix than the hyperactive, hyper-referential Shockout mixes from November last year. When you spend a lot of the day at the computer working the freelance grunt, 60+ mins of cool tunes are the perfect thing. Just set one to download each time you boil the kettle, and you've got as much seamless music as you'll ever need.

Also on my download manager's radar is the Cybernetic Broadcasting System's collection of electro mixage - which includes the the two volumes of I-f's essential Mixed up in the Hague sets (haven't stopped listening to these since I grabbed them at the beginning of the year).

Other source for downright fun stuff is the regularly excellent Boom Selection - lots of good mashie/poppy/favela/whateva gubbins there recently.

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