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Thursday, April 28, 2005

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OK, I know I kinda promised not to bring up the Election a second time, but this is too odd to let go.

I received this morning a (form) letter from one of our local candidates. Needless to say, it contained almost nothing about his policies or those of his party (in fact, his opening paragraph praised one of those standing against him). But what was remarkable about it was that half the letter was spent trying to raise my anger against another standing candidate, who is, apparently, quite wealthy due to a large inheritance. North London, well off? Who'd have thought it? Having money like this is bad, we're told. What's more, she's using some of that money (ie, her own money) to fund her campaign. She's also accused of spending proportionally little from her, apparently, small party coffers, paid for by party members, preferring instead to dig into her own pocket. And this letter writer, this friend of party subscriptions, foe of private means and self-determination and the competition of the market place, why, he's none other than my local Conservative candidate. Extraordinary. Is anyone thinking what they're thinking?

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