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Friday, February 04, 2005

Wirtualna Polska 

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Today, thanks to a chain of followed links from E.C. Brown to Oddio Overplay and beyond, I have been mostly flicking my way through the MP3 archives of Wirtualna Polska. To be honest there's a lot pretty iffy stuff in there - the optimist in me headed straight for 'Darkwave', hoping to find some nowy Warszawsky dubstep but it wasn't to be; the drum and bass and electro lists were pretty unencouraging too. More joy is to be found in 'Underground Techno', where minimal 4x4 techno allows less room for over-elaborate cut-and-splice effects.

Also at Oddio I discovered a Polish folk compilation, of which the Dzieci z Broda (Broda Children) are a particularly enjoyable. More from my adventures in free Polish music later...

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