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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wilco = Metallica? 

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Hal Halvorsen - whose blog I discovered via his often interesting contributions to dissensus - makes the unusual, but revealing point that Wilco may be the new Metallica (in response to the usually wise Larry Lessig's claim that the indie darlings are the future of music).

Newer acts like Laura Cantrell and Bloc Party are providing free MP3s, Moby is keeping an up-to-date diary, Magnatune has an exciting business-model, podcasting, Creative Commons licensed music: all this is novel and exciting.

There is nothing making Wilco different from Metallica (or say David Bowie), apart from Wilco using the internet to make a comeback. That is good story in itself, but hardly the future of music.
I quite liked the sentiments of Wilco's 'Music is not a loaf of bread' interview (I've blogged about it before), and there's no doubt that as a bit of online viral marketing it was a huge success - most bloggers picked up on the story and it must have got hundreds of thousands of readers. But Hal's got a point here - the sentiment was great, if only they could practice what they preach.

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