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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Things and stuff 

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I was putting together a post on blogging composers, but I see that Scott Spiegelberg ahs caught several of them, while Alex Ross links to a number of other new classical bloggers. Still, I think there's room for mentions of the Living Composer, and Renewable Music, run by David Feldman, Daniel Stearns and Daniel Wolf. Will musician blogs - as opposed to blogs by music critics - be 2005's thing?


From our corporate downfall editor, we see that Sir John Eliot Gardiner, one of the world's great conductors, and a musician who has found a very large, identifiable and relatively cheap-to-produce niche for himself (since Bach cantatas require no copyright fees, and JEG's performances use small ensembles) has started up his own label after losing his contract with Deutsche Grammophon in 2000. Silly boys.

And from the 'Eh? WTF?' desk, this.

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