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Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday link dump 

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First up, can I just second Aaron Wherry's vote for Jay Smooth as blogger of the year. He has been tireless in his campaign against NY radio station Hot97 and their Tsumani Song, a deeply racist 'joke' at the expense of victims of the Tsunami. If you haven't been following catch up here. Top work Jay.

Another person to rise above the mess with dignity is the Chinese-American rapper Jin, who has recorded a track dissing Hot97 (you can find a link to the audio via Jay). Maxmius @ voltage has posted some of Jin's backstory. It's 8 Mile stuff.


Elsewhere, Jon @ Worlds of Possibility posts on Feldman and Folke Rabe;

It's a good month for underground metal. The Wire's primer this month has created a fair amount of buzz. There are a few tracks to download at the Wire site; Swen has some more.

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