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Friday, December 03, 2004

Tunes for thought 

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Seeing you through into the weekend, here are some great posts for you lucky people:

Dylan Trigg on melody, Schnittke and the self;

Robert Gable on Sun-Treader, modernism and the 'poietic fallacy';

on a lighter note, Largehearted Boy's albums of the year is all over the net at the moment - and there are handy sample MP3s if you want to judge LHB's choices for yourself;

and finally, that Resonance FM show on music blogs is now available for download, courtesy of Woebot Matt, who's been spurred into elegy.

As for me, I have 60 pages of my MPhil/PhD upgrade submission to proofread, correct, fuss over and faff with (can't get the discourse of sonorism out of my head), and print x3. Then tonight I drink.

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