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Monday, November 08, 2004

New linkage 

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No time for actual content today - November means my teaching slot begins again, I've got four weeks to put together all my work for my MPhil/PhD upgrade next term, and at some point in the next couple of months I've got to write a new lecture on Szymanowski, and edit my first volume of British Postgraduate Musicology (any British music postgrads who want to contribute, head here). Busy busy busy, and that doesn't include Christmas.

So, here are some new(ish) blogs and a bit of reciprocal linkage. Go see:

terminaldegree - about-to-complete US music Ph.D. candidate.

Sounds Like New - Texas-based composer

Locust St. - 1940s MP3 blog

Side Effects - Dylan Trigg's new one

and I'm appeared on loveecstasycrime's linkage, so that gets a plug too.

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