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Monday, November 22, 2004


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Probably unrelated to the current monkeySARS theme, the Telegraph have put up the top 50 covers of all time. This should prompt, of course, the usual wailing and nashing of teeth at such lists - here's my bit:

1) Why oh why isn't the Carpenters' 'Ticket to Ride' in there? Lightweight pop transformed into heartbreaking epic with just a single chord change and a little orchestration.

2) Speaking of the Carpenters, how about Sonic Youth's version of Superstar?

3) Speaking of Sonic Youth, how about Thurston Moore drawling over 'Get into the Groove'?

4) And speaking of Sonic Youth and 'Ticket to Ride' and etc. how about SY's demolition of TtR on Master Dik?

(OK, maybe that's a step too far)

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