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Monday, November 15, 2004

21st Century Music: Aesthetics and Reception 

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Now this looks like an interesting conference:

'21st Century Music: Aesthetics and Reception'
Keynote speaker: Trevor Wishart, author of On Sonic Art and Audible Design

Royal Musical Association Study Day
Royal Northern College of Music, UK
Saturday 14 May 2005, 10.00am - 4.30pm

Call for papers

Are we still caught up in the binary business of Modernism? Or are there other ways of thinking about contemporary musical practices?

Dare we admit the consequences of having entered a new age of musical practice, bounded on one side by historical events, such as the death of Stravinsky, the fall of the Berlin Wall, New Labour, the digital revolution and 9-11, and on the other side...by the future?

Does each globally available localised music demand its own listening strategy, its own micro-aesthetic? Is it possible to generalise about musical practices, languages, and styles? Or has the consumption of music become a matter of individual cases? What has become of the relation between / separation of life and music? Has life become expressly musical?
(How) has music become the very core of everyday life?

What about the implications of the digital economy of music, now that with technology we can manipulate musical parameters more delicately than the ear can perceive? How should we understand the relations between music, sound, and noise? Do we (still) confront issues like beauty, form, taste, and judgement in a meaningful way? Or should we forget aesthetics and move on?

With such questions in mind, what might we make of the aesthetics of music today and tomorrow?

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