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Monday, October 04, 2004


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Three good things to come out of my weekend:

1) Suddenly nailed my Ph.D. plan. I mean, I had various plans and alternatives drifting around in my head, but now it's absolutely fixed. And the beauty of this plan is that I can actually see it happening within the next 2/3 years, which is a wholly new, and very pleasant feeling.

2) Uploaded the new webpages for British Postgraduate Musicology, the online journal I recently became editor of. I'm especially pleased with these - they're not the flashiest pages on the net by any means, but they do the job - and they're fully W3C standards compliant, which gives me a tremendous feeling of having done A Good Thing. And for anyone reading who is a British postgraduate in musicology, we're currently accepting submissions for articles for the next Volume, due out early next year. So if you have an article idea that deserves to be read, knock it into shape and send it to me, either at the address top right, or to editor@bpmonline.org.uk. Cheers! (Further details for submission may be found here)

3) Shaun of the Dead on DVD. Splendid film, very funny, but even more so, probably the best fitted out DVD I've come across since the Simpsons. BBC, are you paying attention? Stop fobbing us off with archive boxsets whose 'special features' comprise of 'scene selection and interactive menu' - ie, the basic things a DVD doesn't come without. You should be paying more attention to Simon Pegg.

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