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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Peel 

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The world has lost a legend. For anyone who never had the pleasure of listening to John Peel, it is impossible to underestimate his value to the world of music, or what he represented. For years, Peel was the only thing worth listening to on Radio 1, the only DJ who consistently strove to play the newest, most exciting music available, and who in many respects was the only thing that elevated the premiere national broadcaster of new pop and rock music above the level of cheap local radio dross. For all that is debatable about the BBC, BBC Radio and the license fee system, John Peel was a unique argument in its favour. For 40 years he played music to the whole country that no one else would give a second look to, and after 40 years there is still no one to replace him. The world has lost one of its genuine, life-affirming, sod-what-you-think-I-love-it champions, and this makes me very sad.

RIP John.

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