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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Joanna Newsom 

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Seems like everyone is talking about Joanna Newsom, and everybody's line is that you'll either love her or hate her. Hell, she even got two pages in the Sunday Times last weekend. Well, let me first say that I love 'Sprout and the Bean', the forthcoming single, trailed a week or so ago on monkeySARS. How, actually, could you hate it? I mean, if you're a death metal fan, it's not your thing, but songwriting this subtle and sophisticated, the sound itself, coupled to a really interesting voice - what's not to like, you heartless so-and-sos? There are too few harps in pop anyway (although Zeena Parkins just got a piece in The Wire, so maybe there's some resurgence going on? Cowbells and analogue keyboards are out - harps are in. You heard it here first). Newsom's label website Drag City has a downloadable video of the song (I'm not so sure about the video - it kind of kills the mystery of that voice if you can actually see her lips moving), so have a listen. It's gorgeous. No idea what it's about, but that's half the fun. MonkeySARS suggested that she sounded like Björk going through puberty - which is a very apt description - but there's something about those consonants, which seem to come from her cheeks, that reminds me of someone else and it's been bugging me for days. Any ideas?

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