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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Death and the underground 

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Most of the newspapers have the same front page story. Metro has even gone for the full Princess Di all-black effect. Every second post in my news feeds this morning - from the BBC to the Telegraph to us little scribblers is the same. The eulogies are multiplying by the hour, it's been years since one individual seemingly so dominated the thoughts of everyone in the country. And I think to myself - this is it. This is the validation that all us underground weirdo music geeks have longed for: everyone you see today has a story of listening to Extreme Noise Terror late on a school night, how it was these forbidden fruits amidst the dross of 4 decades of broadcast music that changed all our lives. This morning everyone agrees that difficult, curious, flawed, unheard-of new music is the most important thing in the world; and in that moment of clarity we each one of us realise we have lost its greatest champion and that those moments are denied once more.

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