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Monday, October 11, 2004

Boozy lunch 

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One of the oddest advertising campaigns currently running here in the UK is for Threshers, the off license chain. Recently, this high street booze emporium decided to branch out and start selling food as well. the curious thing about these ads is that they run on the tagline, "Threshers - the new way to do lunch", missing the obvious but sad point that for many people a visit to the off license is an all-too-familiar way to do lunch already. Maybe, in their defence, they're trying to reach out to the booze + food market, rather than their core booze = food consumer base. Who knows - certainly one or two of the models in the ads look as though they've seen the bottom of a few glasses recently, and are munching through a coronation chicken sandwich as though it's 11.30pm on a Friday and they've just been ejected onto the cold streets of Swindon.

The incongruity of the whole thing hit home yesterday when milady and I were in our local shop buying some wine. "You get some free food with that," said the checkout girl. "You're buying some wine" - well, yes, this is a wine shop - "so choose something from the fridge. Anything you want." A knock yourself out, before you, er, knock yourself out, kind of promotion. Now, it may only be Sunday afternoon, and I may be eyeing up some heavy Rioja, but I can feed myself you know - and whilst I applaud Thresher's charitable approach, I don't need their help. Anyway, I picked up some microwave noodles, thought they might be good for lunch today. I'm here to tell you that they're not - they ming.

So, back to that Rioja it is ...

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