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Friday, September 03, 2004

iTunes Affiliate Program 

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This is interesting. Two things occur to me straight away. Firstly, Amazon's affiliate program seems successful (well, a lot of people are signed up - no idea if it's really that profitable though), largely because of the fact that almost any book, CD or film you might mention in a blog post is available somewhere on Amazon: they simply have a giant catalogue that can match people's diverse reading and listening habits. iTunes, currently, doesn't. In my and milady's experience, it's sort of useful for catching up on back catalogue items - like HMV Christmas sales are - but nine times out of ten what you actually want isn't listed, and you end up leaving, or spending your money on something way down your wanted list (again, like HMV Christmas sales). And we all know the hopelessness of finding anything new or interesting on iTunes - their apparent policy of making enemies can't help either.

The second thing that occurs to me is that this looks in part like a bid to encourage legit MP3 blogs. Link to an iTunes song, write a bit about it - ask your readers to pay 79 pence/99 cents - make a bit of money. Hmm. That seems to run far too contrary to the MP3 blog ethos in every way possible to really work. And again, you quickly run up against the wall of a limited catalogue, with major-interests-only. Who would read an MP3 blog that looked like this?

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