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Thursday, September 16, 2004

3 Notes and Runnin 

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Downhill Battle have, imaginatively, picked up the gauntlet thrown down in that NWA/Funkadelic sampling case by putting up the offending sample themselves, and opening

a forum for sample-based musicians and artists to share their own 30 second songs which have been created using only the sample in question. By doing so, we hope to showcase the potential and diversity of sample based music and sound art, and to call into question the relationship between a sample and its use.
Good stuff. Here are the rules:

1. Your song must be thirty seconds in length.

2. Your song must use only the designated two seconds of the intro to Funkadelic's "Get off Your Ass and Jam" as source material. You can slice it, layer it, loop it, stretch it, filter it, smack it up, flip it, and rub it down, but you can't bring any other sounds into the mix.

3. All Entries should be encoded as mp3s and emailed, along with artist name, email or URL, and a brief description /statement to mike@burncopy.com. All entries that adhere to the format of the call will be posted to the website.

Participants are encouraged to process the sound in creative, unconventional and excessive manners, stretching the relationship between the finished result and the source material.
Looking forward to the results. I was planing on posting more on sampling today anyway, following up what I was saying earlier in the week, but this has given me a couple of more things to think about, so I'll sit on it for a couple of hours yet.

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