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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Twentieth Century Music Journal 

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Many thanks to Scott Spiegelberg for the pointer to Cambridge University Press, who have put their new journal Twentieth Century Music online for the price of a free registration. I look forward to reading Charles Wilson's Ligeti article in full - a paper I heard in an earlier incarnation at the Second Biennial Conference on 20th-Century Music at Goldsmiths College a couple of years ago, and much enjoyed at the time. Another contemporary music journal published by CUP - Tempo - doesn't look to be wholly available for free yet. Only the Jan 2003 issue is free at the moment, which means that if you want to read my article on Irish composer Ian Wilson from April 2003, you need to punt down to your local library holding Tempo, or pay £12.00 to read it online (a princely sum, which I wouldn't advise in this case...). Still, excellent news about TCM, highlighting a trend that I expect to be followed by many journals in the future.

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